Xavior: we meet again

Asha ran as soon as Imira started lightning in her hand, why is she so familiar?

Imira ran after her, banging on the door, I tried to tune in on her emotions to get a better read, Asha has an obligation to kill Imira? Then who is Imira? She's very familiar....

"Which way did the others go?"

"That way" Harmony pointed in the direction, I only noticed now that Harmony had changed.

"Show me?"

Harmony nodded and ran out, Imira running after her. I decided to follow, I had to figure it out... but I changed first, Harmony would kill me if I got this dirty.

"Turok" Imira hissed "Your supposed to be dead"

Turok said something that I didn't quite get. I recognised him though, a council crony and also a part of the loan sharks, they must have made an alliance. "Tell them Electra knows the rest of the prophecy thanks to the shadow..."

Turoks eyes widened and I notice him gaze quickly at Harmony, she didn't have the best memories of Mr . Turok.


Imira started to say something but I tuned it out, it couldn't be her....she was so different back then.....

"Electra" I stepped out of the trees "We meet again, though I never imagined we'd meet like this."

"Do I know you?" Electra asked "As far as I know your Xavior..." recognision flashed across her face as I let my hair down and my eyes glowed purple.

Don't say it out loud I warned her mentally Harmony has no idea and I need to keep it that way, she cannot know of my pure heritage.

I understand

"Do you two know eachother?"

I turned to Harmony, my eyes blue again. I smiled "Kinda, she was the only council member I got along with"

The End

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