((hey guys sorry i've bin away so long. You don't half step up the ante when i'm out lol))

After all the "excitement" of my second appearence at the mansion I once again found myself trudging through the woods that surrounded it. I had enjoyed my stint in the safety of the Mansion's walls but as I walked through the slowly growing woods I began to have second thoughts about going back. So far it all seemed to be linked with one problem or another and somehow those problems lay in that building. I had people accusing me of making them what they were and all I can do is try my best not to kill them when they launch themselves at me like a ballistic missile. I genuinely have no recollection of siring whoever it was said I had. All I remember is that I was sired and then wandered till I found a coven. Looking back in the direction of the Mansion I was half tempted to go back and see what mess they were in this time, as no doubt they would be or at least soon enough, and the other half told me to go. Go live my afterlife to how I wanted it. I had enough money to last me more than long enough. Hell I could start a coven of my own and still have pocket change. Sitting against an old oak tree I leaned my head back against it and took time out to think about what I should do....


The End

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