Asha: Too Much

No-one.. Turok was no-one..

"Jay, he just tried to kidnap me..What do you mean, Loan Sharks? Why is he after you? I've heard his name, he's seriously powerful-connections in the Council and more than one foot in the underworld. How does he know who you are? And why does he know about me?"

Jay shook his head. "Later."

It was then Imira came in.

"Hey guys. I wanted to hide this till the wedding was over, but..."  she trailed off, as electricity crackled around her.

"This can't be happening." I muttered. "She's a Bolt Thrower. Fantastic."

I walked off, pulling Jay after me. I didn't want anything else to be thrown at me.

I wish I stayed alone. The Prophecy coming true, Imira being a Bolt Thrower-someone I have a contract to kill, I only want to get married! Why did I come out of retirement? I now have a contract to kill one of my friends. 

"Asha? What?" Jay was confused as I pulled him into my room. 

"We have to talk." 

The End

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