Harmony : Loan Sharks

I was left in my room with Xavior, fuming, I know Sylvester had to talk to Aria but he could have been a little nice about it. "Calm down Har, the guys got alot on his mind"

"Yeah, I guesse so" I sighed, knowing he was right, I really had to chill. I looked up at Xavior who had a far off look, "Speaking of guys who have alot on their minds, whats up? Your spacing out like...alot"

He looked down at me "I was talking to Jay earlier, we were...we were talking about getting married"

I blushed "Oh, nervous was he?" I laughed nervously

"No, he was so sure....it really made me think"

"About...About what?"

"How do you feel about me Harmony?"

I felt my cheeks burn "What brought all this on?"

"I just...I need to know, do you love me?"

"I...I...." I heard something downstairs, Xavior grabbed my arm and turned me to face him.

"Do you? I need to know this Harmony, I need to know now"

I turned my head slightly in the direction of downstairs I'm going to have to confess, quickly. "I...Yes Xavior. I do love you"

He smiled "Thankyou, come on, I'll bet it's just a broken plate or something"

We ran downstairs, hand in hand and saw that it was not a broken plate "Loan Sharks" Xavior cursed. We backed up Sylvester like the others, warding them off. I prepared to use my gift

They seemed frightened, they didn't like the way the odds were apparently "We will meet again Asha" they all backed away and ran at top speed.

She changed out of her dress into jeans and a top. Jay went over to Asha, comforting her. "We need to do something Xavior, things are closing in, at the wedding we have to be on guard. I'll keep the atmosphere calm, you keep check on emotions and tell me if they come back. Jay and Asha deserve this wedding, I'm not letting anyone spoil it"

The End

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