Jay: Nothing

 Turok. No. No! It couldn't be! I squeezed Asha tighter, worried for her safety.

 "Who is he?" she repeated. I took a deep breath, and broke the hug, keeping my hands firmly on her shoulders and stared into her beautiful eyes.

 "He's the head Loan Shark." I finally said. I was cursing in my mind, all of my anger aimed at Turok. "Who else was there?" I asked, afraid that he had assassins with him.

 "A load of people in black." She said, and I could see she was scared, so I pulled her into another embrace.

 "Don't worry. Nothing- nothing- is going to stop this wedding. I'll hire a Wicca to put a spell on it if you want. But nothing at all can every come between us." I murmured into her hair.

The End

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