Asha: Company.

This vampire was new. He was dressed in a grey business suit, looking like a human accountant more than anything else. If it wasn't for his eyes, I would have hardly realised he was vampire. His eyes were completely black. Instantly, I distrusted him.

"I said, what are you doing here?" I repeated, hostile. The vampire smiled nastily.

"Seems Jay has indeed done well for himself. Such beauty. And a spirited one too." his voice made my skin crawl. This stranger seemed to know Jay. And he spoke about me like I was a specimen of some kind.

"What do you want?" I spoke slowly, emphasising each word and trying not to start anything. I just wanted him to go. I wanted Jay. Again, this stranger smiled nastily.

"I just came here to see an old friend. It seems I was missed from the guest list." He ran his eyes over me again, making my skin crawl again. I swallowed down my revulsion and squared up to him.

"I'll tell him you were here, do you have a name?" I replied coldly.

"Turok. A name you will be using a lot more often I think." There was a glitter of something in his eyes as he said that and his smile widened even more. My stomach tightened. I didn't like the way he looked at me, calculating. I felt tense and unhappy, my senses hyper-aware. Through the door, I could hear everyone talking and laughing, seemingly unaware. Outside the window, I heard a noise. My eyes flicked there for a moment, which is when Turok lunged for me. Others burst through from outside. I ducked away from Turok, grabbing weapons from the floor where I had left. I swung up my half-sword, blocking a pair of them, as one grabbed me around the waist from behind. I yelled out, kicking back, feeling the guy crumple behind me. I backed up against the wall. At the same time, I called Jay in my mind.

Jay.. Theres vampires here.. Turok and some others...they're attacking and I'm on my own...

I left the link open so he could sense what was going on. I kept yelling and finally, the door burst open. A group of people came in, taking the scene in. The others paused, looking to Turok for instruction.

"Get out." I growled. "Just get out." I was breathing fast, I wanted Jay there.

Sylvester stepped forward, with the others at his back.

Turok smiled again, looking at me directly.

"Well met Asha. We will meet again." With that, they left as quickly as they had appeared.

"Guys, go get Jay. I'm going to get changed. I want to see him. Girls..stay if you want, but look away." I said, not meeting anyone's eyes. I was shaking, and fumbled with the dress. Someone came and helped me, not saying anything. I heard the others move out. I pulled a top and jeans on, and Jay rushed in, folding me in a tight hug. I clung tightly.

"They wanted to take me." I muttered. "Turok. He said he was Turok."

Jay tensed, but said nothing, holding me closer.

"Jay? Who was he?"

The End

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