Imira: What the hell?!

I quietly sneaked away from everyone. I needed some time alone, my memory was dredging up century old images of my mother getting remarried. My stepfather hated me, and I hated him. He didn't like me being out late, so I suppose that my going out with my friends till all hours was sort of my way of defiance. And my defiance was my downfall. My anger and rage that had built up over the years. I could feel it, burning away inside me, making me more like the solitary unstable person I was now than the laughing, infectiously happy person I had once been.
I realised there was too much anger for me to contain. My rage bubbled over.
Suddenly, impossibly, lightning shot from my hand and charred the mansion wall. It felt like it's power source was my energy, draining me like I'd never been since I was human.
"What the hell?!" I shouted, before remembering the others. Whatever happened, I had to keep this secret , had to let Jay and Asha's wedding keep going.
I just hoped I could. I randomly grabbed my wrist and flinched as I gave myself an electric shock. I wondered what had happened to me.
A phrase from Breaking Dawn (which I'd read for fun) rang through my head.
"Oh, you might not be able to do it. Heaven knows I've been trying for centuries and the best I can do is run a current over my skin."
I had a power? That wasn't so rare. But electricity? How did I earn that? 

The End

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