Jay: Finally

 I could hear Sylvester pounding on Asha's door, asking for Aria. I decided not to listen in to that. Too private for me to know, if they are talking. So instead, I sat and thought. I was getting married. And not in a  few years, or a few weeks, or even a few days. A few hours. Wow.

 Most men shy away from a commitment like this, but whether it had something to do with me being a vampire, or my love for Asha, I wasn't running away. I didn't ever want to run away. And now, I never will. Ever. We'll be together for eternity, and I really believed that now. No Loan Sharks, or hunters, or council could deny that. Nothing could stop this.

 "Twelve more hours, everyone!" I heard Harmony yell. I was sure everyone in the mansion could hear. Even if they were human.

 Oh my God! Asha exclaimed in my mind.

 It's all going to go perfectly. We'll be married in a few hours. Though I'm not happy about being apart for another twelve hours.

 It'll fly by if we keep talking like this Asha stated.

The End

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