Xavior : So much

So much has been going on, Harmony's busy fitting everyone, she's even roped me into it. I look at myself in the mirror, not black, not grey, but white. It had swirly patterns and reminded me of fairytale outsits, though with trousers instead of tights. Jay's tux really suited him, though I bet, knowing Harmony, Asha's dress is just as magnificent.

She has a gift for creating the right things for the right people, it's something that I've always admired. "Hey Jay, you nervous" he looked as though something had panicked him

"No, this is the best decision of my life"

I half smiled must be nice.

"You ever think of getting married?"

I blinked, glad that my cheeks wouldn't flush red. "What do you mean?"

"You and Harmony seem pretty close is all."

Is there really any use in denying it? "Yeah, but I'm not sure we're ready for that, she's only 14 after all, though sometimes, I don't know..."

"Age is but a number" this guy seems completely blissed out but....

"Jay? When I first came here...you and Asha, you both seemed to really, not like me. Why?"

He sighed "Because you reminded us of Lee"

Lee? oh! the one I caught Harmony thinking about in her nightmare! That makes sense "Fair enough, but just so you know, I'm nowhere near as phsycotic"

"I know" he smiled

"You seem like a good guy Jay, you and Asha are perfect for eachother" I could tell he didn't expect that.


I turned away "I'm gonna go check on Har, see ya Jay"

I put my ear to the door "Weddings are so exciting! I can't wait for mine" D-Did Harmony just say she wanted to get married? "Not before Aria though" I heard Asha giggle. Time to knock. "Are you decent? It's me Xavior"

"We're decent, come in" I heard Harmony giggle

I opened the door to an amazing sight "Wow" Asha's dress was amazing...it qwas otherworldly! and the other dresses, amazing. Harmony and Aria had just stopped the hair and make-up, Jay was gonna have a heart attack!

"You like?"

I nodded.

"Good, but don't you dare tell Jay about it, he needs to get full impact at the ceremony"

"I wont tell"

The End

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