Asha: Butterflies and Hurricanes...or Maybe Just Butterflies

I had Harmony and Aria fluttering around me, fixing makeup and pinning the veil in place.

Married.. I'm getting married.

I could hear Jay's worried thoughts through our link. I tried not to let him show that I was just as scared as he was. He still had the Loan Sharks.. I had a large number of highly irritated clients I had run from. I also suspected that my past was not going to rest as easy as I hoped.

Its going to be perfect.

I hoped that would come true. Just for once, I'd like to be able to have one day when there was no fighting, shock reappearances, people attacking, people dissappearing or drama. I just wanted one perfect day to show the world how much I loved Jay. I was not going to let anything ruin that.

I shifted my weight slightly, feeling the leather of the thigh sheath against my skin. I hoped that the dagger there would not be necessary.

The End

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