Jay: Dream Land

 I had my suit fitted, and it was quite a nice suit. But no-one would be paying attention to me with Asha next to me. As long as she was happy.

 Everyone was all doing their things in different rooms. Sylvester was downstairs with Cheshire. I decided to go down. They couldn't fight if I was there. I was getting married...At some point. We still needed to set a date. I'd talk to Asha.

 Everything was perfect. No disruptions, no evil people who wanted to kill us, no-one. But what if the Loan Sharks came. What if they ruined the wedding.

 Don't think of them. Asha thought, Our day will be perfect. Trust me. That convinced me even more. I loved Asha, and if anything was was to ruin the wedding, I would ruin their faces. And then I'd carry on with the wedding. I was in a dream land. Everything was always perfect in Dream Land.

The End

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