Harmony : Dresses and panic attacks

Ifitted the girls and guys with their outfits, a sleek purple dress for midnight, a rosy colour for Sara, a nice violet 3/4 length for Imira, a gorgeous blue number for Aria to highlight her eyes and make Sylvester's eyes pop and a dark green dress for me.

Sunshine had a sequined teal dress and how could I forget all of their matching wraps. I loved a good project especially when I do itfor a love as strong as Asha and Jay's.

 I even aranged the jewlery to match but I was particularly proud of the main dress, Asha's. The guy's suits were all unique and debonoir but Asha's dress was the icing on the wedding cake downstairs.

I let Asha fit the dress herself and, after waiting a few minutes I knocked on the door. I heard her heartbeat quicken and when I heard her hyperventilating I realised my mistake.

"Its just me!" I  said quickly, then I gasped as I looked up, the dress shimmered in the evening light, it reflected off of Asha's eyes making them twinkle and I felt tears well up.   "Asha, you look beautiful" major understatement, she's breathtakeing! Jay is gonna love this.

She smiled quickly and looked down "thankyou"

"Jay won't be able to look away" I giggled, Asha laughed too but it was a little shaky, first time I've ever seen her this nervous.

"Asha, relax." Isaid, soothingly. "Jay loves you and you are doing the right thing here." I smiled "You two were made for each other"

She smiled back "Your right...this was meant to happen"

"Of course I am," Ilaughed, handing her a bouquet. She seemed to be confused about the roses...I hope she likes them, it's resembled love since...I dont know when so I thought they'd be perfect.

"Are you ready?" Iasked, my hand on the door.

She took a deep breath and nodded, Aria flitted in and stopped in her tracks as she caught sight of Asha.

"Aria?" she said nervously "Please, say something"

I smiled and rolled my eyes, handing Aria her flowers too "What do you think?"

Aria nodded silently, her eyes tracing the contours of the dress. "How did you make it in time?"

I shrugged "I work fast and once I get I project I wont put it down, Xavior tried to when I was doing the embroidery and he nearly lost a body part" I laughed "Love your dress by the way"

The End

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