Asha: Fitting

Harmony dragged me away from Jay and told me to "stay put" whilst she fitted the men out with their suits. I slowly put on the dress she had left by me. It was so beautiful. The sheer white caught the light and shimmered. The dress was simple, a slim-fitting body-no arms-and a skirt that swept out from my waist. But Harmony had embroidered tiny gems and a twisting design of vines and flowers into the bodice. I folded my usual clothes of black skinny jeans and black skin-tight t-shirt, setting most of my weapons on top of them. My hair hung loose and slid over my shoulder so it hung like a curtain down one side of my face. The sun caught my dress again, throwing small stars across the room. A flash in front of me caught my eye and I straightened swiftly, to be confronted with a mirror.

Staring back at me were no images of the past, imagined or otherwise, but a vampire who I did not instantly recognise. Her usual tough, warrior-esque clothing had been replaced with a breathtaking bridal dress. Her hair, usually pinned out of her eyes at least, hung completely free, tumbling over one shoulder and framing her face. Her eyes, usually guarded and giving the impression of huge strength, were wide and startled. Her stance, ususally so assured, belied her fear and anxiety. I took a deep, calming breath and some of the fear left my eyes and stance.

The door opened and I whirled around, startled again.

"Its just me!" said Harmony quickly, then she gasped as she looked up.

" look beautiful!"

I smiled quickly, looking down. "Thank you." I replied quietly.

"Jay won't be able to look away" she giggled. I couldn't help laughing a little, although my stomach fluttered.

"Asha, relax." Harmony said, soothingly. "Jay loves you and you are doing the right thing here." She smiled "You two were made for each other."

I returned her smile, lifting my head a little.  "You're right.. This was meant to happen."

"Of course I am," she laughed, handing me a bouquet. I noticed roses among the flowers How did she know they are my favorite?

"Are you ready?" she asked, her hand on the door.

I took a deep breath in and nodded. She opened the door, letting Aria in and swiftly shutting it before anyone else could get a look. Aria stood in the doorway, not saying a word, staring at me.

"Aria?" I said hesitantly, getting butterflies all over again. "Please say something"

The End

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