Sara: Costume Fitting

"Ladies! Please come for your fitting, and gents you take over the decor for a while, that means everyone, come on, chop chop!" Harmony's voice came from her room. I put down the scissors I had been using to cut out white heart-confetti and went upstairs. I was about to knock on Harmony's door when it was flung open. "Ah, Sara. Go and stand over there with Sunshine and Imira" I was pulled in. I located Sunshine and Imira and went over to them.

"Do you know what you're wearing?" Imira asked as soon as I got to them.

"No, do you?" I replied.

"Well Midnight's gone to look at the clothes rack. Apparently we've all had about three costumes made and Harmony's gonna choose the best one.

"I hope she gets back to tell us before we get called up" Sunshine said.


"Hey!" midnight said from behind us. "I've just looked. All the costumes are labelled. It is ah-may-zing!"

"Well tell us then!" Imira urged.

"I can't. Harmony caught me looking and made me promise not to tell what I've seen"

"Oh well. Knowing Harmony, it'll be good"

"Sara! You're next! Hurry up, come on! We haven't got all day! There's loads to do!" Harmony called.

"Go on! Then when you come back, tell us what to expect" Sunshine said excitedly. I walked up to the bathroom door. It opened and Harmony grabbed my wrist and yanked me in.

The End

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