Sylvester: Cutting hearts

After Asha and Jay reassured me nothing was wrong, I ventured back downstairs, and was exceedingly grateful that Cheshire was nowhere to be seen. Before I could completely relax though, a shout from behind me made me jump. “Ladies!” I must still have been nervous if I was afraid of Harmony’s sing-song voice. “Please come for your fitting, and gents you take over the decor for a while, that means everyone, come on, chop chop!”

As the girls streamed upstairs the only ‘gent’ left in the room was Raven. Just the person I did not want to be left alone with right now. Unlike me most people don’t hold grudges, but I braved a nod and sat on the arm of a chair quite a distance from him.

“What’s all this?” He growled.

“Wedding decorations – the woman you just tried to kill is getting married.” I stated bluntly.

He didn’t say anything else for several minutes, and I had just worked up enough guts to try to cut out some white hearts leftover from Aria’s decorating team, when someone nervously called my name.

Momentarily grateful I checked over my shoulder, and saw Cheshire at the foot of the steps. I felt myself frowning, as he said, “I need to talk to you.”

The End

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