Harmony: smile

The fitting for Cheshire went amazingly well! I had to admit that a suit looked pretty good on him, maybe I should repair his clothes though...they looked a little...torn.

"I'll tell you first"

Chesh went off smiling, he seemed pleased that not everybody hated him, he was possesed after all and it's not like we all havn't thought about killing someone at some point. I sorted through the fabric and pulled out several outfits  and stood at the top of the staircase "Ladies!" I called "please come for your fitting, and gents you take over the decor for a while, that means everyone, come on, chop chop!" I smiled, making my tone jokey.  I hope the guys don't think their getting off easy, I still have to do the rest of their outfits. "And Raven, I havn't forgotten about you, fifteen minutes"

The End

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