Harmony : Planning

I had left Asha's room in a fluster and ran to Jay telling him to go outside, he did ask why but I told him it was extremely important. I noticed Cheshire walk away from the very angry looking Aria and sighed, seems like everybody needs cheering up

"Hey guys!" I called, all the heads turned towards me "As you all know well, almost all. Jay and Asha have been engaged for a long time now and I think we should start organising the wedding before anything else can go wrong and before we set off to fight the council" I looked to Raven who seemed confused "Explanations later, now we need to start planning"

"Aria, go get Sylvester, I need him to try on his outfit, girls you too and Raven I'll need you to come with me so I can take your measurments." I looked to Aria "Aria, can you help with the decorations please and tell Cheshire to be in my room in half an hour or I'm going to go look for him"

I looked at the faces around me, some amused, others confused. "Imira, I'd like you to help handle the decor and food with Aria and everyone else

 "Come on then people you heard what she said, go, go ,go"

I laughed, walking in the direction of my room "Raven!" I called "Now! so help me I come looking for you!"

The End

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