Asha: A Change Of Heart

The door opened unexpectedly and Sylvester walked in. He took one look at my bag and the note Jay still held and frowned.

  "Is there anything I need to know, Asha?" he said, looking suspiciously around the room. I felt Jay tense, although I couldn't see his face.

  "Why, are you accusing her or something?" Jay said agressively. I nuged him but I don't think he noticed.

  "I just wanna know." Sylvester replied flatly. I felt Jay relax a little.

"Its okay Sylvester," I said quietly "I'm not going anywhere for now."

Jay gave my shoulders a squeeze and Sylvester relaxed noticebly, the scowl dissappearing from his face.

"Good." They said simultaneously.

"Also, Asha, are you okay?" Sylvester said with a look of concern "You seemed to take a pretty decent beating."

I nodded, giving him a smile I still didn't quite feel. "Yeah, nothing serious."

There was a silence then, as I waited for one of them to ask the obvious question.

The End

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