Harmony : Asha...

Asha just stayed against the wall and took it...I know, as everyone does that she could have fought back and won but.....she just stood there. The guy....Raven I think his name was, was eventually pulled off of her. Sara had screamed louder than anyone, Xavior was confused and tensed next to me.

Jay looked concerned and confused too, but more intense than everyone else. Asha just looked at us and then walked up the stairs to her room. I followed her, waiting as she took a shower so I could talk to her. Asha came out and stopped in he tracks when she saw me.

"Relax Asha, I just want to talk to you...see if your okay"

"I'm fine"

"Really? You know as well as I do...better than I do that you could have fought back, so why didn't you?"

"Because I deserved it"

"I doubt it Asha. What did you do to the guy?"

Asha began to explain the thing about Lee, the vampire I vaguely remember from before. I couldn't help but hiss when I heard his name... she told me that he was involved with another vampire who had lived here, Kaiari. His name was Raven, she feels that it was her fault that kaiari got killed. Raven was furiouss when he heard this and...thats what happened dowstairs.

"It's like I can't stop!"

"Stop what?"

"Ruining people's lives-"

"Asha, stop right there it was not your fault okay? It was that idiotic Lee's fault, he was the one that chased you around the globe, the one that was phsycotic that he killed anyone and everyone in his path. That was Lee not you!"

The End

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