Asha: We Meet Again

Thankfully, the Mirror was turned away. I could feel it as an almost physical prescence lifting. I looked up towards the doorway, to see Imira standing next to a vampire I vaguely recognised. He turned to see me and it hit me-he was the one who had been standing over Kaiari when she had been found dead. Instantly, a wave of profound guilt washed through me. I broke the eye contact, looking away. It had been my fault she had died and now he was here.

With a brief word to Jay, I went up to talk to him. I didn't even know his name.

"Hi, we haven't really had a chance to talk. I'm Asha.."

He nodded. "Yeah, I've heard.. The name's Raven."

I couldn't help smiling a little. The name suited him very well.

"Can we go somewhere a little more provate? There are a few things I should really tell you."

"I've heard all about you being the Shadow if thats what you mean. I'm not going to say anything."

"Its about Kaiari"

The look on his face told me a lot. He nodded to show he was willing to talk and we walked out of the room, into the main hall. I explained to him about how it was my fault Kaiari had been killed.

"Lee wanted to get to me." I said. "He killed her because he saw us talking together and thought we were friends. He wanted to hurt me so he killed her to draw me out. Believe me, if there was any way I could fix it I would. If I hadn't come here-Kaiari would still be alive. I'm so sorry."

His face, still and grave before, now showed pure fury. He snarled something at me but I stood my ground.

"Blame me Raven, because I sure do. I'm not sure who else knows about this, do what you want with the information. I'm not going to deny it. Kaiari's death was my fault. I brought Lee here. She was the one who had to pay."

I could see rage buliding in his eyes, mixed witht he pain of losing someone he had obviously cared deeply about.

"I'm sorry Raven." I said softly, and unable to face the Mirror again, began to make my way upstairs. Raven yelled something again, I managed to turn half-way before he collided with me, hitting and slashing.

I heard someone, maybe Sara, scream and others shouting. Evidently, Raven's yells had attracted attention. I let him hit me, not fighting back. I was not going to hurt him any more than I already had done. I curled into a ball as I felt a rib crack under one of his blows. I had gone past caring too much. The image of Rory burned in my head. His face when he recognised me through the mask. When he realised the one person he trusted was the one who betrayed him. I had done it again to someone I didn't even know. Who I had needed to trust me but I had destoryed that chance before I had even met him properly. I was aware of Jay and Sylvester running up and pulling Raven off me. Battered, I got up slowly. Everyone was watching. Sylevster and Jay held one of Raven's arms each. He had gone very still, watching me as everyone else was. Without saying a word, I glanced at Jay quickly-his face a mask of confusion and concern-and I carried on walking up the stairs until I got to my room. I sat down on my bed, the door ajar and just stared into space, my head roaring with everything, nothing making sense. I ached all over and the sharp pain in my side told me I had two or three cracked ribs. I went into the shower, the hot water pummeling my head, clearing it to blankness. When I came back into the room, dressed in a black cami and jeans only, I found there was someone waiting for me.

The End

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