Raven: Making returns

During my time in the nightclub the boss filled me in on some of the things about the Hunters. I must admit a great deal of what he was telling me I hadn't known so I automatically stored it in the back of my brain to decypher later and see if it could be possibly put to some sort of use against them should they attack again. Naturally I had a drink or two and felt much better to be filled with both alcohol and blood. When the sun went down and the party goers dwindled outside to have some freedom I too made my exit but not after thanking the owner. As I left I hot-wired a pretty snazzy looking bike and roared off down the road in the general direction of the mansion.

When I got back to the mansion it certainly didn't seem to have the same appeal as it did before the Hunter attack. Indeed from the smell I'd have said that there were even fewer vampires. Hopping off the bike I walked through the front door and grabbed my key off the hook, the beauty of leaving but never checking out haha... Once I'd dumped all my stuff into my room I went downstairs in search of the others and found them all gathered about a massive mirror,

"Flippin heck how'd you get that hunk of junk out the attic? And what is it?"

The End

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