Asha: Mirror of the Past...

Sara had woken up a little while ago. I was sitting with Jay, just talking with him quietly about the wedding. We both wanted to get married before the assault on the Council. I had pulled off the mask but I was still in Shadow clothes, happy just to sit with Jay for a bit with no fighting and no one shouting. Just a small moment of peace. Jay had his arm around me and I laid my head on his shoulder. Then someone brought in a mirror.

"Is that a Mirror of the Past?" Harmony asked.

"Yep," Sara beamed happily.

I went cold all over, as I am sure some of the other vampires in the room did.

Why can't the past ever leave me alone?

Whoever was holding the mirror turned, and suddenly it was facing Jay and I. Against my will, I looked into it. I saw a slim figure in black, holding two half-swords. The woman, I could tell from the figure, had tumbling black hair and a plain eye mask. She held two half swords, covered in blood. They were steady, no tremor. She was silhouetted against a burning buliding. She looked down at the mound by her feet. A stain of blood slowly seeped away from it, looking black in the light of the flames. She turns to look at the mound. A line of sliver glitters down one cheek, drying fast. The flames swell larger behind her, and she turns slightly, so that she stands in profile. The bundle at her feet stirs, and a hand reaches to her. There is a blur of silver and the bundle crumples again.  She turns and looks straight out of the mirror, and I meet her eyes. Then I realise that woman was me. The Shadow.

I flinched away, turning back into Jay's chest, holding him tight.

"No more. Please no more." I whispered, as the memory came back in a rush. The bundle had been my best friend and my last hit before I retired. That night, my heart had broken and turned into stone. Now I could feel again, the pain seared brighter than ever before.

"I'm so sorry Rory. I wasn't strong enough. Please forgive me."

The End

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