Harmony: Woah

Sara and Sunshine left the room in a hurry leaving the rest of us confused, Sara hadn't long woke up from feinting but I'm glad she's okay at least.

Jay and Asha were talking so were Aria and Sylvester...it's odd how everyone seems to be coupled up and here I sat next to Xavior....awkward.

Sara and Sunshine came back carrying an enormous mirror. Aria gasped "The mirror of the past"

Sara smiled triumphantly "Yup"

"What's the mirror of the past?" I looked around

"Exactly what it says on the tin" Xavior mumbled. Why was he being so uncomfortable? He's usually loud and well, kinda obnoxious.

"So this can show you your past?"

"Pretty much" Sara beamed.

I stepped foward and walked in front of the mirror. "You might not want to do that" Aria warned.

I looked in the mirror anyway. My jaw dropped. It was me when I was human, the same colour skin, brown hair....accept I looked miserable in the mirror. My eyes were glazed over, I had marks on my arms and I looked so weak...

"What the fug?" I whispered. I kept my face calm and walked over to Sara "So, whats the plan batman?"

The End

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