Aria: Naughty Mirror

Goodness, a Mirror of the Past was not somethin' I needed right now. But, if it helped answer some questions about our lil' demon then it couldn't be all bad. That demon... thang couldn't have been the real Sabrié. After all, the Council had killed her by rippin' her limb from limb and dissectin' her heart for good measure. The Soulsphere had nothin' to do with it. But that demon... Why bother usin' Chesh to kill Sylvester when it could do it easier by itself? Why bother gettin' so attatched to Chesh's memories? Hell, why bother draggin' my past into things?!

I'm not exactly sure what Sara was intendin' to do. There wasn't exactly much of the demon left and I don't think y'all get to see other people's pasts in those mirrors. But I guess it was worth a shot, Hell, maybe there's some way you can see a specific person's past. How should I know? I'm a circus girl, remember? Sure, I know what it is. Doesn't mean I know how to work it.

I tried not to look in the mirror as Sara and Sunshine carried it further into the room. Tried. So, I may have caught an unintentional glimpse. I looked so much younger even though I hadn't aged a day. I looked away the second I saw it. Seeing my face I could deal with but the rest of what I was sure it'd show me... Well, that's just have to wait til I was good and ready.

The End

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