Raven: Nightmare Avenue

Well here I am, still alive and kicking after the beat down on the Hunters that showed up at the mansion a couple of weeks ago. Since then I've been kinda laying low in the woods trying to get the heat off my back, lets just say the mortal race weren't best pleased a bunch of daylight hating (not sparkling) undead peeps whooped their asses. Anyway from what I've scrounged the heat is fading and the mortals are starting to get back to worrying about their hectic little lives once more. Looking round the corner of the alley where I am currently holed up I try and see if there are any Hunters around but don't sense any so I move out as quietly as I can, blending with the crowd that walks past. A few of them turn up their noses and I can guess why, being holed up in woods and an alley for weeks on end doesn't bode well for the B.O. so I locate the nearest cash machine and put in a card.

As I stare at the little screen which tells me how much money is in my account I think back to how I came to have the untold millions which have lain dormant in my accounts for years. Of course the value went down slightly when the damned government went from imperial values to metric but that problem was short lived as the interest made the numbers rocket.  Back when I was newly turned I was found wandering aimlessly by a kind woods-woman who offered me a place to sleep, she had all the signs of being a typical good Christian woman, except when we got to the house it was more like a castle than anything. For years I'd lived there making and losing friends with other vampires who had come and gone and of course earning a shedload of money in the process. After a number of years I packed up my bags and left the coven with the leader's parting words of "the gates will always welcome a brother home" ringing in my ears. I've lost count of how many times I've been on the verge of going back and leading an easy life in the coven but then I remember why I left in the first place, the freedom of the world. Covens are good but you get protection at the price of freedom. I couldn't cope with that, so I left.

Coming back to reality I realised the machine was bleeping at me and so I took my card and cash and went to find a place to freshen up. Looking at my watch I saw it was nearly 8pm, almost time for the city dwellers to come out to play. I'd heard word that there was a decent vampire population in the city you just needed to know where to look to find them. Most of them were big corporate people like nightclub owners and media moguls. Walking past a Nightclub I saw a bouncer give me a stare then he put his hand on my chest to stop me,

"Boss wants to speak with you" he said

"Thats impressive considering that your boss has probably never seen me before"

"Boss knows you, we've been on the look out for you" came another voice, this time from behind me. 

I turned to face a big burly guy who looked pretty mean, or at least he would have done had the extra rolls of fat which made the Michelin man look skinny not taken the edge off of him.

"Uh huh and when did your ask manage to move from the sofa?"

The words caused much angst in the man and I smiled as I walked through the club doors. The crashing rave music and strobe lights were a complete contrast to the light outside but I quickly adjusted. Some humans were here already and they watched me as I walked in. When I went to the bar to get a drink the barman handed me a card and motioned his head to the door with a guard outside it, so naturally I walked there and handed the card over. The next room was crammed, it was like party central in there. And from the overwhelming smell that hit me everyone in there was a vampire. Looking around I saw the whole coven thing going on as well as the vampire twist on Human dating. Quite funny. Sitting down in an empty seat I was quickly joined by a clean looking vampire in a sharp suit,

"You came Raven" he greeted with his strong Aussie accent

"Uh huh. But who the hell are you?" I asked 

" A brother helping one in need."

"Uh huh. Well in that case all I need is a shower, change of clothes and a crap load of alcohol" 

The other vampire smiled, "You alcohol is at the bar as for the rest, follow me."

Together we made our way through the sardines of dancing vampires and into a private section at the back. As I followed this guy I began to wonder what became of the others after the beat-down...guess I'll have to go back and find out once I'm done here. But that won't be until I can't walk straight, and that takes alot of alcohol...don't wait up guys, I thought, I could be some time. And with a small smile I made followed the guy into the executive VIP section.

The End

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