Sara: Faint

I watched in horror and shock as Cheshire's attention was turned from me to Aria. I was scared. I couldn't hear properly. People were saying things but I couldn't hear what they were saying. Then a girl appeared in front of Cheshire. I'd never seen this girl before. And people were talking again. But I still couldn't hear them. Some things happened but I wasn't registering them properly. Sylvester suddenly got up and threw something to Aria, who was being cornered by the new girl. It glowed blindingly white and then the girl was gone. What was happening? I wasn't used to this level of violence. And I wasn't used to seeing this much blood. There was still the trail from where Sylvester had been bleeding. My ears were buzzing from all the shouting and screaming that had been going on. It was all too much. I swayed, but someone steadied me. I almost screamed.

"Sara, it's Harmony. Come downstairs" I heard. I felt faint. I was only fourteen and had just witnessed two people basically kill each other, and had almost been killed myself. I was faintly aware of Harmony leading me back into the living room. I was faintly aware of people saying things like.

"Is she OK?" and "What happened" I was faintly aware of being sat on the sofa. Then my eyes closed and everything went black.

The End

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