Harmony: crud

"Someone stay with sunshine" Sara ran out the room.

"What do you think-" Midnight began


"Sorry Har-"

"Shhhhh, I'm trying to listen" I heard Sara approach 4 other people,

"What're they saying?" Xavior pressed.

"Cheshire doesn't like nosy little girls" I mimicked. "Why are you doing this Cheshire, it's not like you" I could hear Aria crying in the corner "Nasty Sylvester stole Aria. Now Aria doesn't love Cheshire anymore."

"How is she doing that?" Imira whispered

"She has great hearing and her power can also help her imitate voices" Xavior explained.

"Cheshire 's a failure, he always fails. Now Cheshire's all alone" who's voice was that?! It must be whats controlling him...Silence....oh crud this cant be good. I mimicked a low hiss "Nosy little girls upset Cheshire. Curiostity kills the girl"

"The girl? I thought it was the cat"

"It is" I opened my eyes "Cheshire twisted it around and I'm going to go help, Sara is not facing him alone" I saw blood and faltered but pressed on, my squeamish tendencies would not stop me. Not again.

The End

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