Sara: Shaken

Sunshine was totally shaken. She'd obviously never seen something like this before. I took her to the living room. Harmony, Xavior, Imira and Midnight followed. Jay had gone to sort things out. Asha had appeared out of the shadows and gone with him. 

"Sunshine, are you OK?" I asked as we sat on the sofa. She shook her head slowly,but she said

"I'm fine"

"No you're not" Midnight objected.

"I'll go and get her a drink" Imira got up and went out of the room. After two seconds she came back with a cup of blood in her hand. "Here"

"Thanks" Sunshine stared into it. 

"We need to find out what caused this" Harmony said.

"Definitely" Xavior agreed. 

"Wait. They might not want to tell us" I pointed out. Then there were some muffled shouts from upstairs, followed by and even more muffled bump. I was up in an instant. "Someone stay with Sunshine" I said as I ran out the door, not looking back to see if anyone did. Jay was kneeling over Asha, who was crumpled on the floor. Sylvester was on lying on the floor, soaked in blood. Aria was sitting next to him in total shock. Cheshire was advancing on her. Her eyes darted to me for a split second. Cheshire whipped around. He crept towards me, teeth bared.

"Cheshire doesn't like nosy little girls" he hissed. I didn't know Cheshire that well, but I knew that he wasn't like this. This wasn't him. He was still advancing on me. I backed away.

The End

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