Aria: I'll Keep My Secrets, Thank You

The second I laid eyes on Chesh I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. A steady stream of blood poured from a cut in his head. Nothin' life threatenin' but I'd never liked seeing him injured. He rarely got injured, actually. Chesh was a savage fighter and often gave into his pureblood nature, makin' him the ultimate killin' machine. But the person that stood in front of me...he was my friend, not some monster.

"Cheshire doesn't want to talk to Aria" Chesh said sulkily in a voice that wasn't quite his own.

"Aaw, c'mon, Chesh. I thought we were pals forever?"

Something changed in his eyes. "We are. You know we are" he paused, obviously about to say something but seemed to change his mind.

"What is it?"

"I've always loved you. Even since before you were a vampire. I found the guy that turned you, you know? Pounded some sense into him and left him barely breathing".

"Chesh, you know I love you to. But as a brother an' nothin' more".

Chesh's eyes glazed over. "That's not true. Aria told Cheshire she loved him that night".

"Hey, whoever you are, you leave that outta this!" I snapped without meaning to.

Next thing I knew, Chesh had a hand next to either side of my head and had pinned me against the wall.

"Aria told Cheshire she loved him. Aria lied. Aria killed her".

"That wasn't my fault. Now you, whoever you are, get the hell outta his head and face this! Hidin' behind him, you're nothin' but a coward" I spat, feelin' myself gettin' angry at whatever demon had posessed my best friend.

The demon, however, seemed intent on ignorin' me. "Cheshire had plans. Cheshire was going to call her Sabrié, have his own family. Not the half-breeds at home. Not people he didn't care about. Cheshire was going to have a family with people he loved, Aria and little Sabrié".

Now that I hadn't known. I mean, I knew Chesh and Sabrié didn't really get on with their folks and that things only got worse when Sabrié was killed. But that night... And he was gonna... I shook my head and pushed him back, well aware that the colour was drainin' from my face.

"Stop usin' him. Then I'll listen to what y'all have to say" I said coldly and started walking away.

All of a sudden I felt myself falling forwards and knew I'd been tripped. Or pushed. But it wasn't Chesh. Chesh'd never do anythang to hurt me. I heard shoutin' and saw Asha throw herself at Chesh. I would've protested but the fight wasn't in me. We all had secrets here and this demon knew mine. But it'd be damned if I was tellin' anyone. What happened that night was between me and Chesh, no one else would understand. Hell, I didn't understand it. There was no way it could be physically possible.

I was still on the floor when Chesh leapt at Asha. And I stayed on the floor when she crumpled beneath him.

The End

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