Asha: More Fighting

I was right behind Jay as we followed the scent of what I now recognised at Sylvester's blood. My stomach was turning in horror. There was blood everywhere.

This can't all be Sylvester's surely. There's so much of it...Please let him be okay.

I could see Jay was pale and I could see the horror reflected in his eyes. My heart twisted as we turned a corner and there was more blood on the walls. At the far end, Aria was bent over a figure on the floor.

OhGodPleaseNo. Please don't be Sylvester. Please let him be okay.

Aria straightened and my worst fears were realised. There was blood all over him, and his eyes were closed. I sprinted down the hall, not really aware of much else. Aria had gone, I don't think she had seen us.  

"Sylvester?" I said, panicking, and skidding to a stop by his side "Sylvester?"

Sylvester..please, if you can hear me, its going to be okay. We will take care of it.

I was breathing rapdily and shallowly, trying to keep a level head. I looked closely, and only just saw the slight rise and fall of his chest as he breathed. I instantly felt calmer. I was not going to loose another friend. He had a small wound on his neck and a large scratch down his back, which seemed to have only just stopped bleeding. I was scared to touch him.

"He's breathing." I said to Jay, sounding winded even to myself. He nodded and I touched his arm lightly in a gesture of comfort. Before anything else could happen though, there was more shouting up ahead. Both of our heads jerked up and we ran off without a second pause. We came across Cheshire advancing on Aria, who had been knocked to the floor. I heard Jay shout something as I leapt onto his back, bringing the hilt of my half-swords down on his head. He collapsed on the floor.

I looked up at Aria, who was white, and looked really shaken. I got up to go over to her. A second later, both her and Jay shouted. I whirled around, and a slpit-second later, there was a burst of white hot pain on the side of my head. I lashed out, but felt myslef crumple. I was out before I hit the ground.

The End

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