Sylvester: Numb to the world

If this was heaven it was dark. I expected to see Kyoshiro, Clara, and all the other people I had known and lost in the thousands of years I had existed. But there was no one, and nothing, there with me.

A flickering light in the centre of the empty space. A candle… fire. There was only one place I had imagined after death that had fire. Gradually my eyes adjusted to the flame, and forms began to appear. They were not the people I had hoped for at all – grotesque and terrifying they groped in the dark, latching on to each other as more of them spilled in from the edges of nothingness. They were piling on top of one another, spilling everywhere – breaking limbs and grinding teeth until they overwhelmed the small flame with their screeches and began to shroud my own body.

I did not fight them. I knew where I was, and that I was paying for my sins… death would be cruel to me.

Suddenly there was a searing pain in my neck – it was now not only the bodies enveloping me, but the flames. I screamed and was lost in the midst of the tortured souls who would become my new family.

I was numb to the world.

The End

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