Xavior :Blood

We burst through the masion doors and saw a trail of blood going all the way up the stairs. "What happened here?" Jay sounded so full of authority, it was kinda scary.

"We're not too sure" Sunshine whispered.

"When we came in Cheshire and Sylvester were fighting, tearing eachother to peices. Then Sylvester went up stairs, into Asha's room...and now Cheshire is up there too"

I could tell Imira was trying her best to hold it together, she looked petrified and Sunshine looked one step away from curling up in a ball. I couldn't blame them, a sight like this would chill anyone to the very core. I felt Harmony pull at my shirt and I knew what she meant.

"Cheshire is going to kill Sylvester if someone doesn't stop him."

Jay's expression was unreadable, it was somewhere between disbelief and fury. Jay ran up the stairs with Asha shadowing him behind.

The End

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