Sara: Fight

Everyone's head snapped up as an ear splitting scream sounded right outside the kitchen door. Then there was a lot of shouting and banging. I started to get up but Imira was there before I was. I pushed past Midnight and was next to her at the same moment Sunshine dashed to the door. She collided with Midnight but they got up and flew out of the door at exactly the same time so that all four of us were stood in a line outside the kitchen. A second had yet to pass. I heard a bowl roll off the table and smash on the floor. And the kitchen door was still swinging dangerously, only the bottom hinge still intact. There was a bang and our heads whipped towards the sound. And then the second passed. Sylvester and someone I think was called Cheshire were fighting. There was a trail of blood from where Sylvester went. I watched in horror as they basically tore each other to pieces. I don't think they were aware that there were four girls staring at them. The fight moved upstairs. We were still frozen. and hem in another second we were all up there too. But Cheshire had disappeared and there was a pool of blood going under Aria's door. Sunshine moved as if to open the door but I stopped her.

"Wait" I whispered so quietly I could barely hear it myself. No human would have heard it. Then we heard a creak behind us. My head whipped round to see Cheshire slowly making his way up the stairs. We were all in my room in half a second.

"What... was... that" Imira said quietly. She was leaning against the door, still tense. 

"I don't know. But Sylvester lost a lot of blood. I didn't know anyone was capable of this" I said from my bed. I was tense too, and breathing heavily. I looked over at Sunshine, who was at the opposite end of the room. She looked terrified.

"We need to get Jay and Asha" Midnight said from the chair in the corner of my room. Then there was a bang as the mansion door was flung open. 

"Sounds like they already know" I said. Imira opened the door a crack.

"Let's go and tell them" and we all flew out of the room. Cheshire was facing Aria, one hand either side of her head against the wall. We all stopped when we got to the reception hall. Halfway across the floor were Jay, Harmony and Xavior. 

"What happened here?" Jay asked us. It sounded more like an order for us to tell him.

The End

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