Asha: Something New

I followed Jay out quietly as he grabbed the body parts and stalked out of the house. He punched the ground so hard, earth exploded around his fist. It was at the moment, I was genuinely terrified for him. His eyes, when he turned to me were dark, although that might have been the light.

"Are you okay? Isn't this too much?" I asked. A beautiful smile broke out on his face.

"Asha, I'm tough. Plus, I haven't seen that...that...Horrible excuse for a person in years. It'll be exactly the same." he said calmly. His smile still lingered around his lips, but his eyes grew a little more serious.

He kissed me, and suddenly a cool smoke surrounded us, like dry ice, closing us off from the outside world. When he broke away, I couldn't help smiling

"Ash! Your lips! They're blue. Did I do that?" he said, suddenly worried. I touched my lips lightly.

"Jay, it's fine, I didn't notice anything.." I could see my reflection in his eyes, which were clouded with worry. My lips felt no different. I was a little colder than normal but that was due to the mist which had surrounded us. I pulled him closer, and kissed him again. After a while he relaxed and returned the kiss. I pulled away again smiling.

"Believe me now?" I said with a cheeky grin. He laughed as I kissed him on the nose again. "You don't sound so sure." I teased him, giggling.

"Hmm, I might need some convincing." he replied slowly, pulling me close. However, before he could kiss me again there was an ear-splitting scream, followed by shouting. My thoughts flicked to Cheshire and Sylvester.

"Cheshire." Jay said in shock, mirroring my thoughts.

"We have to go," I replied, already starting to run into the woods in the direction of the noises. I reached out with my mind, searching out the others. Without realising, I had slipped into the silent, invisible run of the Shadow. I could see Jay racing beside me.

There's a problem at the Mansion. Sylvester may be in trouble, and Aria might eb with him. Come back as quickly as you can.

Jay and I burst through the doors. The hall was empty, but a streak of blood lead to upstairs. Everything was eerily quiet.

Jay, I'm right here, Shadow-mode again.

He nodded, and we both followed the scent of blood.

Please.. Let them be okay.

The End

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