Jay: Body Parts

I looked down at the severed hand and foot beneath me. I punched the ground so hard that it created a nine-foot hole. I dumped the body parts in and filled it up with earth. I turned to Asha, and her beautiful face was worried.

"Are you okay? Isn't this too much?" I smiled and ran up to her,

"Asha, I'm tough. Plus, I haven't seen that...that...Horrible excuse for a person in years. It'll be exactly the same." I assured her. And I was right. I was absolutely fine.

I kissed her, and suddenly some sort of Dry-Ice surrounded us, closing us off from the outside world. When I broke the kiss, her smiling lips were blue.

"Ash! Your lips! They're blue. Did I do that?" I asked, worried about pneumonia. 

The End

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