Sara: Introductions

I grabbed some of the pieces and waited for everyone else to do the same.

"I'll bury mine by the river" I say. Everyone else chose places. "Come on Sunshine" I said. Sunshine followed me into the forest and we ran full speed to the river. It was fun. I hadn't ran in ages. I dug a hole in the wet mud and shoved the pieces in. Then I filled the hole with water, put some mud into it so that it was completely full, and then covered it with dry earth. It ended up looking like nothing had happened. I dunno why I felt the need to do all that. We bumped into Imira and a girl I'd never seen before on the way back. And I mean literally bumped into them. We fell to the ground. 

"Oof!" I huffed. Everyone laughed. The other girl looked at us.

"I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but who are you? I'm Midnight" she asked me and Sunshine.

"Hi Midnight. I'm Sara" I said to Midnight. Then I spoke to Imira too. "Imira, Midnight, this is Sunshine"

"Hi Sunshine! Nice to meet you!" Imira greeted her enthusiastically. 

"Hi" Sunshine smiled. Then the sunlight filtered through the leaves way above us and rested on the ground around her. Just like in the mansion with the window. How does she do that? 

"Hi Sunshine" Midnight smiles.Then we all went back to the mansion. Jay wasn't in the kitchen so he must've still been burying body parts. I sat on the table and flicked my hair.

The End

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