Jay: Assets

I glared at Dazzy, with a fury so harsh that he was probably scared under his emotionless mask. I pounced on him, and everyone else followed. He hit me about twice, but that was it. He had no time to hit me any more, or anyone else, for that matter.

I had an idea. I concentrated on ripping Dazzy to bits. The others caught on quickly, and tried to do the same thing. I say bits of arms and hands flying about everywhere, and growling, snarling and heavy breathing sounded everywhere.

When there were no more bits to tear apart, I began to collect the pieces. Eventually, we got the pieces together, and everyone looked at me expectantly, as if I was their leader.

"Lay them all on the floor, and get into pairs," I ordered, "pick up a few pieces, and bury them as far away from each other as possible." I said. I could feel Asha's presence behind me.I whirled around, and grabbed her, kissing her passionately.

The End

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