Asha: Half Being

"S'not that easy, J man" he hissed.

Dazzy. The things name was Dazzy. The instant that he reformed, I dissappeared into the shadows again. The others were all snarling, Jay louder than all of them.

"Right back at'cha" he replied, not shifting from his hunting stance. I resisted the urge to growl. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a nod directed into the deep shadows. Silently, my twin swords came out and I lept with a loud snarl, landing in front of Jay, blocking whoever was coming from the other side. My mask was firmly in place. Slowly the guy took me in.

"You aren't going to touch a single person in this room without getting through me first." I said flatly, my voice distorted by the mask.

His eyes widened. "You're meant to be dead."

"Do I look dead to you?"

No one say anything please... I projected the though to them before they could give me away. I trusted them but mistakes happen all the time. One here would mean I died.

He stared at me, obviously at a loss as to what to do. He seemed to be considering attacking us still.

"You do not want to attack a single person in this room. I will kill you if you try." To prove my point, I shifted my swords slightly, so that the light glanced down them, and I watched as his eyes followed the gleam down. He swallowed. Behind me I could hear the others still growling softly.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him.

"I'm here to collect him." he said nodding to Jay.

"Well I can't let you do that." I said, dangerously softly.

Asha...please. Don't get hurt because of me.

I'm not going to stand down Jay. This is what I do.

I can't see you get hurt.

You won't. I promise.

I went into full hunting crouch.

"One move and this sword is going through you. You have a choice-leave and don't come back. Or stay and die."

The half being went even paler then. I was rock still and a hush had gone through the whole room. Everyone was on alert, waiting to strike.

"So...what's it going to be?" I let the challenge hang in the air, my swords ready to hit. He opened his mouth to speak.

The End

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