Sara: Attack

The ashes solidified back into the half human. He was angry, he sneered. Jay shot out ice at his face and shock froze on his face. Literally. But the ice shattered to the ground.

"S'not that easy, J man" he hissed. I automatically crouched. Poised for a fight. At my side, Sunshine did the same. I hissed and bared my teeth. Everyone else was ready to fight too. We were in a semicircle around the half human.

"Right back atcha" Jay sneered. And the half human growled loudly. Then Harmony and a guy - Xavior - came in. One of them said something about messing with the wrong vampires. But that just made the half being angrier. And he pounced. Everyone else growled and attacked. Sunshine at my side, I lunged at the half human.

The End

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