Harmony: what the....?

I smelt something burning and followed it, Xavior close behind. I got to the kitchen just in time to see ashes re-forming. A half being....crud. Jay shot ice out of his arm and froze the man solid, but then it began to shake and he was free. "S'not that easy J man" Everyone tensed, waiting for someone to make a move. This half being knew Jay...this could only mean bad news because this looks nothing like a social call. I heard growls echoing all around, I focused my gaze on the man and stepped foward. "Your messing with the wrong vampires dude" I stared at the darkest place in the room hoping thats where Asha was "If you fight one of us, you have to take us all on" I nodded in what I hope was Asha's direction and got ready for what may be coming next.

The End

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