Asha: Suprise!

After Jay had finished explaining, I desparately wanted toreachout and touch him somehow.

Jay... I'm so sorry-that's your friend..

Don't pity me Asha.

I pulled away from the contact, seeing that Jay evidently didn't need any comforting. It was then that Imira arrived.

"Hey guys, what the heck is that doing there?" she said, pointing to the half-human.

"We don't know if it's dead, that's why," Jay replied showing her the paper.

"How to tell if it's dead? How about like this," she replied smartly. She the proceeded to get some matches out and set fire to him. Everyone's jaw dropped.

"What?" she said, standing up.

"Can you not read?" I said loudly, coming into visibility "Jay knew that guy, and you you just set fire to him. No offense, but that was kinda dumb, especially since he is still conscious."

Imira went white. "OK, two things, where did you come from and how do you know he is still conscious?"

"I was in the shadows, you didn't see and I can still project thoughts to him, therefore he must still be concious somehow. I can't touch the dead-as far as I know anyway."

The rest of the group, except Jay, all were staring at me, looking pale.

"Part of the skill I picked up as the Shadow were hiding in shadows and moving silently. There are others, but you don't really want to know about them, and you all know about my projection ablility. Seriously, that thing is going to reform in a minute and hes going to be pretty mad. If you don't want to fight, I would get out now."

Asif by magic, the ashes on the floor began to shift around, solidifying into the shape of the half-human. Jays face was grey and I looked at him in concern.

"I'm right here Jay" I murmured quietly "Its okay."

The End

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