Sylvester: The beginning of the end

Aria threw the door open and Cheshire was there, ready to strike, his eyes wide, darting between us.

“You can’t hurt him without hurting me!” She shouted to him defiantly, my arms still around her waist. Slowly I saw his face change; he grew calm, his eyes relaxed and his heart… broke. I watched what I had caused and felt shame building again inside of me.

Aria grasped my hand and dragged me quickly past him, heading towards the main hall. She brushed her face repeatedly as she dragged me through the corridor, and then I felt one of her tears fall on my outstretched arm. “Aria – hey, stop.” I pulled her back around to face me. “This isn’t… it’s not right. He’s not right – we have to help him!”

“No – you havta get away and then I’ll speak to him; I’ll find out what’s wrong!”

“And what if it’s a demon like the ones that tried to kill Jay and Asha? What if it’s a lost soul that’s trying to get to me through him – and what if it won’t stop at anything? What if Cheshire can’t stop it from eliminating you to get to me?” My mind was racing. “Kyoshiro said that the souls wouldn’t stop torturing me until I went mad, and they got my soul in return – if this is what’s happening then you know the only way to stop it is by using the Soulsphere –”

“I won’t let you use the Soulsphere against Chesh!” She said fiercely. “I can get through to him!”

Just then there was a crash from the main hall and we looked at each other in fear. Something else was happening in the house, and I could sense the mansion wouldn’t be safe for much longer.

“C’mon.” Aria sprinted to the end of the hallway and rounded the corner, and I began to follow when a chilling thought intruded into my mind.

Cheshire will not fail again.

I took a deep breath and looked over my shoulder to see Cheshire approaching me from behind; his claws bared and his focus revenge.

The End

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