Imira: How to tell if it's dead?

I wandered into the kitchen to find Sara, Jay, Aria and someone in the middle of the floor, who from the smell was half-human.

"Hey guys, what the heck is that doing there?" I said, pointing at the half- creature on the floor.

"We don't know if it's dead, that's why," said Jay, showing me a sheet of paper. I read it.

"How to tell if it's dead? How about like this," I replied. I went to a drawer, opened it and pulled out a box of matches. I then walked over to the thing apparently called Darren, lit a match and touched the flame to the hem of his shirt. Within a minute he was a pile of ashes on the floor. God, that was so cliche, burning a vampire. That is, if you could call him a vampire. I saw everyone staring at me open mouthed.

"What?" I said, standing up.

The End

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