Jay: What Happened Is...

"What happened?" Sara exclaimed as she ran into the room. I sighed,

"This half-human here is called Darren-or Dazzy. He was my old friend since beyond my vampire life. He'd always had evil in him, and that evil decided to show itself when he joined forces with the hunters, and is still trying to turn human. I don't know if he's dead or not. It's simple to kill a vampire, and even simpler to kill a human, but to diminish a half-being is incredibly hard. Because they don't breath, and their heart's beats are undetectible, it's literally impossible to determine whether or not he is dead." I explained.

Suddenly, Aria ran in,

"What happened?" She asked. I rolled my eyes, and handed her the letter.

"Just read this." I said. Her eyes skimmed over the sheet of paper for a second, and realization showed in her eyes.

"Wow, a half-being. They're very hard to kill, so be careful." She said.

The End

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