Asha: In Training

Whilst people were making their descisions and Jay was training, I was doing some training of my own. The first, and hardest step was putting on the old 'uniform'. It was simple, just plain, slim-fitting black clothes, and a black eye mask. It was putting on the weapons. My twin half swords werent so hard. It was the scores of daggers and specially adapted boots, that were hard. I hadn't touched them since I walked away from the world of hunting. Now I was going back. I felt someting inside me rip then harden with each addition. The core of steel that had sustained my sanity (barely) when I was the Shadow was still there, now tempered with something far stronger. I knew that this time, I couldn't loose. Each hit had to be done. I had to survive. There was no other option, because I had Jay. I had to come back for him, and the others who were relying on me for this to work.

I won't mess this up. Before it didn't matter if I died, no one would notice. This time..I have a fiance, friends, a whole life to loose. I am not going to fail.

I put the mask on last, then slipped out of my room. Dressed as the Shadow, I instantly moved silently, in the shadows, essentially invisible to everyone except those who could sense minds. Even then the couldn't see me unless they watched me dissappear. It was a very useful talent to have, and one I needed to keep practicing. I moved swiftly, past Cheshire, who was walking in the direction of Sylevester and Aria again. I paused, considering whether or not I should stop him. Something in the way he kept muttering and following Sylvester especially really bothered me.

Cheshire? I projected to him, still hidden.

Cheshire is never good enough. a voice hissed back at me from his mind. A bolt of alarm went through me

Thats not Cheshire! Who are you? Tell me! I ordered. I was greeted with a sadistic chuckle and a block went up around Cheshire's mind. Mentally, I battered against it, but my attack was reflected. I stumbled, barely able to stay silent as a piercing pain shot through my skull, leaving my ears ringing. A small gasp escaped my mouth and Cheshire's head whipped around to where I was standing. I froze, barely breathing. I was still hidden, and Cheshire's eyes raked over where I was standing, and moved away.

"Cheshire always fails" he muttered and wandered on. I stayed a few moments, trying to calm down. Cheshire was possesed somehow, and whatever had hold of him knew about me, and didn't want me interfering.

Aria, Sylvester; something has hold of Cheshire. I dont know what it is, or what it wants but be careful. I think its after you. Be careful, there's not much I can do. Sorry its not much help.

I sent Aria and Sylvester the message, in the hope that they would at least be on guard. I couldn't get a reply from them, but I knew they would be alarmed. I wanted to comfort them somehow but I didn't know how, so I went on. From downstairs I heard a smash. I ran, hidden to the kitchen. When I got there, I saw Jay standin over some man, who had a frozen face. I came up beside Jay.

Are you ok? I heard a smash.

I'm fine, where are you?

I'm right beside you, just hidden, Shadow-mode. I grinned. There were some advantages to this. 

I saw Jay flick his head to either side, looking for me.

Don't bother! It's fine. I came up behind him, and hugged him tightly.


Much better. Jay replied, holding my hands there.

I sighed slightly.

What's happened here? I said, just as Sara and a new vampire came round the corner.

"What happened?" Sara exclaimed. I let go of Jay, dissappearing into the corner.

Right behind you, Jay. I want to hear this. Just pretend I'm not here.

Jay then launched into his explination of why there was a half-human on our kitchen floor.

The End

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