Jay: Other Passions

I walked into the lobby, and found the wine-bottle that I was looking for. I sat down on the small light-brown coffee table, and drank it as fast as I could. If I were human, sweat would cover my face all over by now, because of all the practising with the ice powers.

When I finished the bottle, I threw it in the bin, and slumped down on the red leather settee.  I was exhausted. Well, as exhausted as a vampire could be. But I had to train this much; we had to beat the Council. I also needed to try other emotions and passions.

I heard someone approaching the door to the lounge. I could smell a familiar scent. It was a man that I'd once known when I was human and vampire. Darren Smith.

"Dazzy?" I said, using an ancient nick-name I made for him, "Dazzy, is that you?" I asked,

"Yeah." He said in a husky voice as he slowly appeared, smiling. My eyes widened.

"Wow, you haven't changed a bit! How've you been?" His eyes darkened,

"I don't really want to talk about that. I'd rather kill you now." He smiled darkly,

"Whu-what?" I stammered. He laughed,

"Didn't you get the letter? Here, I'll give you one." He handed me a piece of white paper. I read it, and it said:


Darren-otherwise known as 'Dazzy' has changed. He has joined forces with the hunters, and is now undergoing experiments to morph him into a hybrid being, half vampire, half human and all dangerous. He has set out to destroy any competition. Beware! Do not confront him, unless you are up to the incredible challenge.

Thank you.


Mr Richard Moore.

Anger pulsed through me. I ripped the paper up, and glared at Darren,

"I always knew that you'de change. That you would side with the enemies. You never like being on the right side." I snarled,

"What? So you think because you're on the vampire side, then it's obviously the right side? Do you know how many deaths have been caused by vampires?"

"I know it's the right side, because we're doing a good thing. I don't care about the stupid statistics!" I shrieked. The anger inside me pulsed inside my brain. Now was the chance to test my theory on the emotions. I moved my arm up with incredible speed- even for a vampire- and ice shot out of it, freezing Darren's sneering face. I gripped the wine bottle that I'd forgotten to put down, and smashed it across Darren's frozen head, leaving him unconscious. 

The End

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