Cheshire: Failure

Cheshire has failed.

"What?" I snapped.

Cheshire took too long. Aria doesn't want him anymore.

"You're lying".

Cheshire always takes too long. Cheshire took too long when Sabrié died. Cheshire could have saved her. But Cheshire took too long. And by the time he got there she was dead. It's all Cheshire's fault. Cheshire took too long to kill Sylvester and now Aria doesn't want him anymore. Cheshire is alone. Cheshire deserves to be alone. Cheshire is useless.

I pulled at my hair as the voice hissed at me. "It wasn't Cheshire's fault! Cheshire tried to save her!"

But Cheshire failed. Cheshire will always fail.

"Not true. Not true" I said, shaking my head and covering my ears with my hands.

Cheshire doesn't deserve to be alive. Cheshire should have died, not Sabrié.

"Be quiet!"

All Cheshire's fault.

I shook my head again and ran to the room Aria was in. I needed to see her. Needed to tell her. About the voice. About the fact that I loved her.

You can smell them together. You can smell her on his lips.

The door wouldn't open. I threw myself against it but the both of them were bracing it.I called out to Aria, getting hysterical from the things the voice was saying to me.

Sylvester is stealing Aria. He must be killed.

Wait, was that my thought or...?

I groaned and pulled at my hair again. That's when the door opened; Aria in Sylvester's arms, protecting him. That's when I smelt the full on mingle of their scents. That's when my heart broke.

The End

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