Sylvester: Falling

Aria seemed to think one of the souls from the sphere had possessed Cheshire, but I was too paranoid to think of why he was acting this was; I was only thinking about what he was capable of. “Aria, if it was a soul trying to kill me it would have done it itself, not use him as some kind of puppet.” I snapped a little bit, but I’m sure, under the circumstances, she understood.

There was a noise in the hallway and she put more weight on the door behind her. As much as she tried to hide it I could tell she was scared. I knew it wasn’t Cheshire in the hallway; I couldn’t hear his thoughts…

After what seemed an age of silence, the clock on the wall chimed and it seemed to wake her from a daze. I, on the other hand, almost had a heart attack. “Sylvester, we need to talk about this.” She said quietly.

“About what? About Cheshire?” I asked, desperately hoping she was thinking of some way to get me out of this mess, or of how to convince Cheshire to calm down.

“About this. About us.” She paused and I could feel her eyes on me in the dark. “Chesh is my best friend, he was the only one that was there for me when I was turned and I gotta stay loyal to him but...” I looked over at her but all I could see was her outline. But…? “But I think I'm falling for you.”

Falling for me.

“… Sylvester?”

I was in front of her in an instant. “Falling for me.” I stated as she tilted her head to one side. “Falling for me how?”

She smirked in spite of the circumstances. “Falling for you as in I can’t lose you - I can’t watch you die, sorta falling for you.”

I hung my head and laughed hoarsely. I had meant what I told her before, and even though she was making fun of me now I felt that she meant it deep down. I raised a hand and gripped her neck, pressing my forehead to hers in the dark. “I would never get in the way of you and Cheshire, and if that’s what this is all about I promise I will do my utmost to make sure you don’t lose him on account of me.” I could feel her soft breath on my lips. “But I could never lie to you about the fact that I think I'm falling for you too.”

I hesitated and saw Clara’s smile in the back of my mind, before shutting her out. I lifted Aria’s face to meet mine and kissed her lightly on the lips. I wished I could see the colour of her eyes…

Suddenly there was a huge crash as someone threw himself against the other side of the door. “ARIA – Are you still in there?!!” I felt her hands grappling at the front of my jacket in fear. “Aria – Aria – Aria?” Cheshire’s voice was growing more hysterical the longer she avoided answering, until finally the door handle rattled and we both pushed our weight against the door to prevent him from coming in.

“Say something!” I hissed at her, but then there was silence from the other side of the door.

Sylvester is stealing Aria. He must be killed.

I froze.

“What’s wrong?” She whispered.

“… He knows I’m here.” I was starting to panic.

Aria spun around in my arms and reached for the door handle.

“What are you doing?!”

“Trust me – if somethin’ wants to kill you it won’t risk it in front of everyone else." She called out to Cheshire that she would be out in a minute. "If you stay in  here it's more dangerous. This door opens into the main hall – in company you’ll be safe… for now. I won't leave your side.”

The End

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