Aria: Was That A Confession?

I looked at Sylvester and sighed. He was freakin' out. Not that I wasn't a little, I just hid it better. I ran a hand through my hair, closing my eyes as I did, and looked at Sylvester again.

"That's not him. That's not Cheshire. Somethin' has happened to him and my guess is it's to do with that darn soulsphere" I said calmly.

"Aria, if it was a soul trying to kill me it would have done it itself, not use him as some kind of puppet".

I heard someone speak from the main hall but kept my weight on the door. I sighed again. This had been pressing on my mind the last few hours so I figure now was the time to do something about it.

"Sylvester, we need to talk about this" I said quietly.

"About what? About Cheshire?" he asked desperately.

"About this. About us. Chesh is my best friend, he was the only one that was there for me when I was turned and I gotta stay loyal to him but... But I think I'm falling for you".

The End

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