Harmony: explaining

"We're all sick of the council, they treat us like worms. In their eyes we are nothing. But we know better! I'll fight! I'll fight with Jay and Asha!"

"Ditto" Xavior declared.

Sara took my place "I'd like a new free age. I'll fight too"

There were murmered agreements "whats this about the council?"

"There's a prophecy about the new age and the vampires that will defeat the council. We are all tired of being stepped on by the council, so we are going to take action. Asha will lead the attack in her old form of the shadow. While we sneak in through the tunnels only Xavior and I know about and when Asha gives the signal....well, the fight of the free-age will begin" I could hear the determination in my voice, I had never been so sure in my entire life. I hope I can say the same for everyone else. "Who else will stand with us and fight?"

The End

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